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Gloucester Angling Was Reviewed in Tackle & Guns Magazine

First Impression

There was nothing special about the outside of the shop, in a row of Victorian buildings on a busy road out of the city centre. The sign was big enough, but it looked tired and in need of an overhaul. A phone number would have helped. The parking was great though, just over the road and no problem.    

Step Inside

Great! The shop was busy. There was a chap just leaving with a huge bag of ground bait and two others being served. Despite that, as soon as possible, I was asked if I needed help. This was a really good after the outside’s poor marks.  

Stay Clean

Clean and tidy with plenty of point of sale displays that were full to the brim. There was no dust and although probably over-full, the shop was tidy and well thought out.  

Show It Off

The walls were well used and the central rod rack was very impressive holding rods horizontally in different disciplines. There was plenty of light and a small service till desk allowing even more room for products within the shop. Labelling was good too.  

Help Me?

I was helped by a friendly, jovial enthusiast – what a great asset! I couldn't have asked for more. I was shown products and allowed to make my own mind up.  

Know your Stuff?

This shop obviously majored in being helpful and product knowledge was included in the strong points. I had a good discussion about the type of gear I would need to tackle the local venues for my particular species, very good.  

Pushy or Pleasing?

I was allowed to look and make my own mind up on brands. I asked about various brands and had a well thought out evaluation of them and their benefits and disadvantages, another good mark for a balanced view.  

Do I Need This?

The shop dealt mainly in tackle for the local venues but included some sea and game gear. There was no problem with ordering products in if they didn't’t have them. This was very helpful once again.  

After Sales

Although they didn’t pretend to be a tackle menders they would assist and make sure things went back if faulty. Credit and discounts weren’t discussed and there was no need for them to be. This was a solid local shop that catered for hardcore clientele.  

What’s Happening and where?

This was great! I got the full measure of tides, floods, Stillwaters, canals and what I would find in them. There was also information on local clubs and who to contact, another really good set of marks.  

Every now and again, you walk out of a shop with a smile on your face. This was one of those. The staff were great; helpful, friendly, jovial, informed and unbiased. This was clearly a shop that had a really loyal, local customer base and for very good reason. Although the outside was in need of a face lift the inside was light, clean and well thought out. Parking was easy; the drive through the countryside was stunning, even if the city was a bit grim in comparison.


This shop is well worth a visit